JWN Production & Trading

Manufacturer of wiring harnesses and components for household appliances and the electromechanical industry
JWN Production & Trading

We produce electrical harnesses

JWN Production & Trading is a manufacturer of electrical harnesses and components for various industries. We send our products to Belgium, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany and Italy. Our clients are also companies in Poland.


What we do


Production of electric bundles

We produce our bundles for the electromechanical industry and household appliances.


We make components for electric and gas cookers, ceramic hobs, kitchen hoods.


Our offer includes mainly electrical harnesses. We make components for electric and gas cookers, kitchen hoods and other devices.


Wiesław Napierała
E-mail: wieslaw@jwn-trading.pl
Phone: +48 604 421 902


Jarosław Napierała
E-mail: jaroslaw@jwn-trading.pl
Phone: +48 501 175 361

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